Our Journey begins here and now.

Each of us has faced so many questions in life, questions that demand “real” answers, in which we long for “solutions” and satisfying explanations, yet many of us have failed in finding so. There has been numerous posts in the internet covering a wide variety of topics, but then again, the answers we’re receiving doesn’t fit, and so, our questions remain unanswered.

We began asking questions when we were kids. It’s innate to ask, seek, search and research. We were born adventurers naturally and curiosity has been our best teacher. We were observant, inquisitive, vigilant and oftentimes cynical. These natural impulses from birth, have driven us to desire, and to be more adventurous in ideas, things, or achievements, etc. We are pursuing goals which aren’t really important.

But what do we really seek? What are the things matter to us? Is it success in career? Money and fame? Yes, we desire those. But what actually concerns us is contentment, happiness, joy, pleasure, love, enjoyment, and bliss. Sometimes we experience “satisfaction” but that’s only for a while. We are happy often times, but not at all times.

There is something inside of us that tells us that we are lacking something. As if there’s a hole in our hearts that yearns to be filled, yet we couldn’t. This is not a psychological sickness nor mental disorder for sure; but it is something that hanker within, something  that cries for comfort, the sense of belonging, sense of fulfillment, for achievement, for success.

We strive, struggle and survive. We try to pursue things that we think can give us “real” joy and delight. Unfortunately, the more we achieve things, the heavier problems arise. We face even more struggles, succeeding after another, a seemingly endless toil, and the never ending series of unresolved questions. We have to find answers, and we need them now.

Our Journey Begins
Our Journey Begins with the Question “Why?”.

The motive of this site is not to introduce another religious sect nor idea, nor highlight one among many. We all know that there are a lot of religious fanatics, teaching from opinions with baseless claims, but we believe that is not the logical way of looking for real answers. We have to think and rethink, by which the best we can do.

The aim of this site is to know the truth, to find answers, to gather information, facts and evidences that we can personally examine. Information which can lead us to better explanations, and sound reasoning. With the use our sensus communis”, or better known as “common sense”, we will embark into a journey that can guide us to better understanding on what life in reality is; the reason of all our endeavors; the necessary strength to face all kinds of stress; and to understand the causes of our sufferings.

In addition to this, we’ll also discuss why is there so much hate in the world? The wars, unrelenting debates, and most of all, with utmost importance, we’ll have to go through one of the undying discourses of all time –the very question of God’s existence. Yes, we will do that if we may, and if we find convincing evidences that lead to the nonexistence of God or gods, then at least our journey would have been worthwhile, and we’ll know for sure that our inquiry for God or gods has come to an end.

On the other hand, if we discover some reliable information, facts from sciences or from any logical explanation which can be assessed, considered, and carefully examined, then we’ll have a good and valid reason to continue this journey ’till the end, and we invite you to join us in this controversial journey of life.

May we find peace as we enlist ourselves into this voyage for truth, in search for rational answers for life’s queries. Some says that the topic of life is somewhat connected to God. If so then we’ll go through it. If God do exist, then we have to ask Him, for He has so many explanations to give.

“God, if you’re real, then we need to talk”

Start Journey #1

Journey #1 God, where the hell are you?


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